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About Me

Miriam Virgo

Miriam Virgo is a published author, Speaker and Actress and charity founder.


About Miriam Virgo

Miriam is of Jamaican and British Heritage. Not only has Miriam traveled the world extensively as part of her career including Johannesburg, Nigeria, Singapore, Sydney, Japan, Miami, Chicago and much more. She is also multi-talented. She is a Published author, Prayer minister, Inspirational speaker, Singer/Songwriter,Charity Founder, Poet and having attended a professional acting school in London for 3 years she is a professionally trained actress. In her own words "I have had the opportunity to learn so much in my field. I have been trained by a number of industry professionals, which means I’ve had many different experiences that have built me into the skilled professional I am today. Now, I’m looking for new challenges and learning as I go" Find out more about me by getting in touch.

Miriam Virgo

With love to all who support me


Miriam Virgo

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Newspapers and Mgazines

Featured articles

Woman Magazine


Miriam had a featured article in this magazine

Daily Mail Newspaper


Miriam had a featured story in this paper

Now magazine


Miriam featured in story of the month in this magazine

Keep The Faith Magazine


Miriam was featured in an article in Keep the faith Magazine

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2013 and 2009

Miriam has been featured twice in this Newspaper

Look Magazine


Miriams story had a double page feature in this magazine

Miriam has established her own

Personal Voluntary Projects


Established 2005


Miriam started her own charity to help disadvantaged and vulnerable people in society. It is a Faith based charity. With the creative name Firefighters. Symbolic of rescuing people whose lives have turned to ashes and replacing that with beautiful hope.



Naked Truth Project

Miriam created this project as a follow on from her book. Coming from a church background that did not understand or relate to Miriam's traumatic experiences she gives new hope to people who may find themselves in her position by holding seminars that they can attend to hear her life story and also learn how to survive after trauma and abuse. This is also in line with advising churches on the best way to handle victims from all walks of life particularly aimed at the Pentecostal arena.

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Radio Exposure

Premier Radio


Miriam was a  repeated featured guest on Premier Radio

BBC Radio Berkshire


Miriam featured twice as a guest on BBC Radio Berkshire



Miriam featured in a live Radio interview on this station

Reading 107FM


Miriam did a radio interview with Reading 107fm


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