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Miriam virgo photo gallery


My Professional Recommendations


“Miriam Virgo was an absolute pleasure to have around. A positive attitude and perseverance made her a highly valuable asset at our production. I would like to recommend Miriam Virgo for any future endeavours, as I’m sure she’ll make an excellent addition to any team looking for their next superstar.”

Richard Hammond


“I was concerned about meeting Miriam Virgo so young and with so much media attention, but I was surprised to meet a highly intelligent, articulate and capable young lady. Who with the right guidance will go very far. It is my pleasure to recommend this individual.”

Martin Salter British Politician


Miriam Virgo or (Martha as I prefer to call her) was one of the most energetic and ambitious people I've had the pleasure of working with. She was fun and genuine on set and very professional.

Joe Swash Actor and TV Personality

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